Social Media Workshop – All about our Christmas event!

Hey everybody!

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who showed up at the Social Media workshop that Efluenz hosted on the 17th of December at Co.station. The event had an amazing atmosphere, with a lot of quality content and goodies to everyone. For those who could not come, this post is covering some information that you missed, so make sure you stay tuned and available for our next edition around Valentine’s day!

This was the second time that Efluenz opened its doors for the influencers – the first time was for the Influencer networking event back in November. This time though, we decided to make our gathering even more useful, so we hosted our workshop on Social media. We managed to keep the same cozy environment with soft pillows, drinks, and treats for our guests to enjoy during their stay in the pitch theatre and in addition they got to take these home:

Now let’s talk about content!

The topic covered was Social Media, and we discussed a big range of thoughts that can help you to up your instagram game.

What is Influencer Marketing

We started with our CEO Yasmin Vantuykom talking about what is Influencer marketing and explaining how the influencer marketing works at Efluenz, showing some of our campaigns as an example. She also explained about our work as a both Influencer Marketing agency and Talent agency for those who would like to join our network.

Instagram Algorithm

After that, Claire Le Provost – digital marketer, went right to the point on the major trends in the industry in 2019 and gave us a whole new vision about the Instagram algorithms. She talked about the importance of a higher engagement rate rather than a superficial number of followers – and showed that Instagram is aware and is doing something about it. Are you prepared?

Importance of Instastories

Aléxia Rocha – also one of the Digital Marketers, educated influencers, and brands concerning the importance of using Instagram Stories more often and how to build a strategy. Meaning how you can share more and stay authentic without sacrificing your feed aesthetics, and how to take the Stories to the next level and use it in your favor to reach more audience. Use & abuse!

Content: photography and copywriting

The last topics were covered by Marie Zeng, our Head of Communications. She covered types of visual content, gave some valuable tips on photography and copywriting. What time should you take pictures and post them? Are you cropping your pictures properly? Do you know which kind of emotion you’re sharing through your pictures, colors, and posts? Marie showed that becoming an influencer requires a lot of thought in many aspects and proved that in order to obtain quality engagement with your followers it’s necessary to always be in touch with them, and always remain relatabe.

Guest Speaker – Freel

By the end of our speeches, Constantin Vermoere – CEO & Co-Founder at Freel, shared his own experience working with Efluenz and the results he acquired at his own company through influencer marketing. By the end of his speech, he allowed the audience to try Freel’s scooters for free during the event! How nice! After his presence, we had our Q&A as usual and obtained a lot of new information from the audience about which topics we should cover on the next event.

What do you think the next event it’s going to be about? It’s going to be around Valentine’s day, so make sure you keep posted through our instagram. As for now, watch the video made at the end of the event with the influencers and happy holidays everyone!

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