Influencer networking event

You always need a be involved with your network and the people otherwise your project will not work out. We are here to help you manage your social accounts rather than having to do unpaid work all on your own.

On November 19, we at Influenz hosted our very first Influencer Networking Event, where Belgian influencers (current and future) and brands got together to discuss what’s going on these days in the field of social media marketing.

The evening started with casual networking over beverages as we welcomed people into the Pitching Theatre, where every seat was equipped with cozy soft pillows to sit on and some candy to enjoy during the presentation.

Once everyone was seated, we began our presentation which consisted of three parts:

  • Introduction of Influenz and influencer marketing in general;
  • Overview of past and ongoing campaigns;
  • Influencer opinion: Why is it necessary to work with an agency.

Yasmin, our CEO talked about how social media marketing is driving more and more towards micro- and even nano-influencers. Those are Instagram bloggers with a rather small following: the numbers range from less than a thousand to around ten thousand, but these followers are very engaged with the influencers they chose to follow. The average Instagram engagement rate is 3% but with nano & micro-influencers, the average engagement rate goes up to 5-7%. It’s easier to build a deep and authentic relationship with someone who doesn’t have that many followers but who shares your interests and values. Yasmin also explained how exactly we work and how we choose influencers for each and every campaign.

Next, Ceyhan shared a few cases we have already successfully wrapped up. One of the promotional campaigns we did, was for Belwatech, a local service for repairing Apple products. The campaign lasted for two weeks, during which we worked with 5 influencers. The numbers we managed to achieve were pretty awesome: we closed the campaign with 14k reach, 20k+ impressions and 7.5% ER. And all that with only 10 posts and 20 Instagram stories.

Last but not least, Marie shared her thoughts on why influencers should work with agencies, especially at early stages of establishing your personal brand. The main idea is the following: you can think of an agency as a combination of a recruiting and HR managers and also a mentor at the creative space, softly guiding you through the process of creating the content that hits the official brief of a campaign and also doesn’t ruin your feed and reputation with yet another #ad post. Marie also talked about how important it is for the influencer to communicate and engage with their followers and fellow bloggers not only by replying their comment but also by attending networking events like this one we had. This way you build up trust and also connect more with other people in the industry.

After the presentation, we launched a little voting session. The main purpose of this voting was to get to know our audience and their needs better. We asked questions like “What industry do you work with?”, “How many followers do you have?”, “How much do you charge per post?”, “What is the future of influencer marketing?”, etc. We were pretty surprised to see some of the answers and we thank you for giving us a lot of insights into things that are important for us to build a better company and to serve our clients and influencers in a much better way.

After popping the champagne, we proceeded to a very intense Q&A session and a rather relaxed chit-chat afterwards. This is also where one of our friends, Ice Crime, a sugar-free (and thus guilt-free) brand treated all of us to a nice sweet snack. Yup, champagne and ice-cream — that’s how Influenz does their events.

Both, our guest and us agreed on doing a social media-related workshop where we’d share all our insights, tips and tricks which will help you up your Instagram game. Our doors will open again for you on December 17th, at 7 PM.

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