Thanks to the launch of its “pensioenbuddy”, Xerius allows entrepreneurs to know how to invest their money for an additional saving plan for their retirement. But, how to make this new feature known?

Our solution

Via the help of influencers that are independent! For this project, we selected a mix of 5 nano and micro influencers that run their own business. To create their content, our five-business owners had the chance to test the pensioenbuddy and to benefit from a personal coaching about their retirement plan given by Xerius.

In order to share their message and to speak to other independents, the influencers published what they learned on their Instagram and on their LinkedIn accounts. Those two means of communication allowed us to create two distinct tones of voices: one inspirational story telling on Instagram and a more technical aspect on LinkedIn.

Moreover, to ensure a maximal coverage during the campaign, we created a video that was posted on the client’s website & on LinkedIn and we did some cross-media coverage on Le Soir’s website.


Let's talk facts

The results

As the goal of the campaign was to target entrepreneurs who are talking to entrepreneurs, we noticed a big interest for the content that was produced with an engagement rate of 25% and more than 10K views on LinkedIn.

Engagement rate



The process

How did we do it?


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