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Despite guidelines related to COVID-19, young people continue to go out and meet the standards of social distancing. On the other hand, the seniors suffer enormously from the situation and feel lonely. With the help of influencers, we wanted to unite these two audiences by empowering the former and supporting the latter.

Our solution

For this campaign, we selected 15 influencers including 10 influencers on Instagram and 5 influencers on Tik Tok in order to communicate the message through their posts, stories and videos the hashtag #BXLove to support seniors and their grandparents. This campaign was focused on continuing to communicate with elderly people via call, postcards, facetime as well as in real life, but from a safe distance.


Let's talk facts

The results

A total of 10 IG posts, 5 Tik Tok videos and 45 IG stories was created. We reached over 350 K unique views with an engagement rate over 12%.

Instagram posts


Instagram stories


TikTok videos



The process

How did we do it?

In order to represent each part of the Belgian population, we selected micro Dutch, French, German and English speaking influencers, men and women, from various origins located in the city of Brussels. This variety of profiles allowed us to reach a young Brussels audience.

With their unique tone of voice and styles, our influencers shared the message of support for the elderly. Different kind of content was created by our influencers during the campaign such as FaceTiming with his grandmother, sending a postcard, Tik Tok video making a phone call with them, IG video shopping for their, ...

The seniors could be in the spotlight and at the same time be supported with the different actions towards them.


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