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"Young people, keep your distance and do not meet your friends even if the weather is nice!" Based on this concept, we worked with Stad Antwerpen to educate young people to always stay at home so that together we can fight COVID-19.

Our solution

For this campaign, we selected 20 micro influencers that could convey the message to their young audience. They used the hashtag #samentegencorona. The campaign’s approach was really focused on reminding people to stay home even in good weather and suggesting time-consuming activities.


Let's talk facts

The results

A total of 42 stories was created during the campaign. We were able to reach over 120 K unique people. The campaign engagement rate was over 10%. This high figure means that the influencer audience has really interacted and shown an interest in the content produced by their favorite content creator. We have seen that over 4,500 people have clicked through to the Stad Antwerpen website.



Engagement Rate



The process

How did we do it?

We contacted influencers from Antwerp, men and women, of various origins in order to spread the message of continuing to stay at home. With their different lifestyles, our influencers shared an activity with #samentegencorona that they could do instead of going out.

We had influencers who preferred to be in their garden to draw, work for school, make lunch, play sports and others on the other hand preferred to stay inside to chat live with friends while drinking a small glass of wine, play video games, sleep or eat. They then offered us other alternatives to take care of at home. This campaign showed us influencers can be very inspirational.


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