Rio Mare

With this campaign we intended to increase awareness of the brand Bolton Rio Mare by highlighting its premium side and quality, as well as to reinforce the Italian aspect of the brand. Besides, we wanted to emphasize the responsible fishery by tracing the origin of tuna and to show that the brand truly cares about their impact on the ecosystem. 

Our solution

We have selected 10 french-speaking micro influencers with 2 influencer being of italian origin in order to disseminate through posts, stories and videos their recipes' ideas based on Rio Mare tuna, as well as on italian vibes. 


Let's talk facts

The results

By the end of the campaign, we had completed a total of 50 stories (20 stories in the contract). We were able to reach more than 85 K people. In addition, the campaign generated 97 K impressions on the stories with a total of 85 K views.

The engagement rate on reach for the campaign reached 13.1%. This high figure means that the influencer's audience really interacted and showed an interest in the content produced by its creator. The campaign posts were liked 5 634 with a reach of 50 K.



Engagement Rate



The process

How did we do it?

To attain a wider audience, we have selected French-speaking micro-influencers, men and women, with 3 different niches such as food, family, athletes, so that they can convey their  nutritious recipes to their audience. This variety of profiles allowed us to reach a larger part of belgian french-speaking audience. Additionally, some of the influencers brought attention to responsible fishing and the origin of Rio Mare tuna.

Sharing their own unique styles of using tuna in their daily nutrition, influencers made us rediscovered tuna in all kind of forms; from pasta salad to croquettes, dumplings and burgers, served cold and warm and always being delicious! 


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