Port of Antwerp

Discover and experience Portopolis, the Port of Antwerp’s visitor center during the holidays. Portopolis had his opening days over the Christmas holidays and invited influencers to experience their exhibitions filled with fun and educational activities. Discover this influencer campaign! 


Our solution

Our influencer campaign strategy included:

  • Instagram -> Best platform to create awareness and reach out to a large audience

  • IG stories -> Best format to build up an interaction with their audience and to add Swipe-up links leading to the website

  • IG post -> Best format to reach the most people and highlight different activities

  • IG Reels -> Mini Vlog to show the activities in a fun way 

  • Facebook Post: to achieve a different type of audience (an additional touch point)

  • 2 micro influencers -> Category of influencers that has the most interacting audience

  • Timing: Opening Weekend of Portopolis 


Let's talk facts

The results

Our influencers had a blast and discovered a place that no one would ever think of visiting. It was a great period to share activities to do with families as it happened during the Christmas holidays. Their content on social media had a positive impact on their audience as they were curious about the experience. This curiosity can be shown through the high number of clicks on the link (Swipe-ups) to discover more information about Portopolis and eventually buy a ticket to the exhibition.

During the campaign there were generated 2 posts and 28 stories with 14% E.R. on reach. A high number of likes (2 607) and comments (240) shows that audience loved the content and were highly engaged with the topic. Also, 268 swipe-ups were clicked by their audience


197 376




191 156
The process

How did we do it?

Two mom influencers were invited to visit Portopolis. Together with their families, they went to the visitor’s center on the opening weekend. Both families were excited to take part in this experience as this happened at the end of the second lockdown. It was the best opportunity to escape home and to do something together as a family in a safe environment. The influencers created their content on the spot in order to make it more authentic. They shared different fun and educational activities that were available at the exhibition. Through the caption of their IG post and IG reels, they wrote their positive opinion on this experience and invited other families to take part in it. 


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