Mieux Pour Tous

The purpose of this campaign was to increase brand awareness and to encourage the choice of these products in a long run. Our influencers had the mission to give visibility to the label and to show that it is important to eat quality products, to look further than what we find on our plates. Because Mieux Pour Tous is a label that offers quality products where animals are well treated and fed. Discover this influencer campaign!


Our solution

Our influencer campaign strategy included:

  • Instagram -> Best platform to create awareness

  • IG stories -> Best format to engage interaction with the audience

  • IG post -> Best format to reach the most people

  • Facebook Post and Stories -> to create visibility on this platform

  • 4 micro influencers -> Category of influencers who has the most interacting audience

  • 2 macro influencers -> Category of influencers who can reach a lot of people in a small timeslot

  • Timing: Dec 2020 – Jan 2021

  • Content: Create recipes with Mieux Pour Tous products


Let's talk facts

The results

Our influencers (foodies, families and conscious consumers) communicated about the importance of product choices in order to achieve a more intelligent, qualitative and healthy consumption and to respect everyone who is involved in the chain. They showed how Mieux Pour Tous meets their needs and inner values (quality over quantity). They illustrated the concept by interacting with their audience while using Mieux Pour Tous products in a recipe.

During the campaign there were generated 6 posts and 27 stories with 7,4% E.R. on reach. A high number of likes (3 528) and comments (262) shows that audience loved the content and were highly engaged with the topic. 


252 605




232 104
The process

How did we do it?

We contacted food influencers who are conscious consumers and conscious about their daily food choices in terms of quality and what behind the brand stand. They expressed their concern for a better and healthier consumption and for the respect of our planet, farmers and animals. They showed how the label meets their needs. They illustrated the concept by interacting with their audience (by asking questions on their posts and through stories, showing recipes with Mieux Pour Tous products, talking about the importance of our daily choices for all those around us) but also by showing why they use these products.


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