Kpop Hallyu Event

For this campaign, the goal is to create awareness around HallyuTown event: K-Pop

OBJECTIVE: Create awareness around HallyuTown event: K-Pop. 

TARGET AUDIENCE: F/M 15-30, K-POP lover, people who love Korean products, interested in Korean culture. 


TIMING:  June 2023

FORMATS: IG Reels, IG stories  & Tiktok

Our solution

We’ve used Instagram as the main platform for this campaign because users can use both stories and reels. Also Tiktok was used to bring across an important message to their community.

The main criterias for this campaign was that the influencers where young K-POP lovers, interested in the Korean culture and people who love korean products. 

The Instagram reels and Tiktok was used tused the show a preview of the event and stir the audience up to visit afterwards. They’ve shared the atmosphere and empowered the K-POP and Korean fans to plan a meet & greet with their idols.

Influencers used their stories to promote the event that has taken place on june 17 & 18. They’ve inspired the audience to got the event and plan a meet & greet with their favorite artists.  While using the interactive features in stories they could answer possible questions. Which ensured that it attracted more people to the event the next day.


Let's talk facts

The results

The goal of the campaign (create awareness around the Hallyu Event: K-POP music) was achieved by reaching 45.088 unique viewers. This shows that the audience was really interested and the content was effective for this campaign and topic.

The contents proposed by our 3 Korean interested influencers was from a high quality. They were able to apply the creative concept well and have used their creativity to spread the message correctly. The selection of influencers was qualitative and relevant for this campaign, they did 25  extra stories. 

The view rate of stories (18,4%) was almost two times the average (7,2%) which shows that their audience were very interested in the campaign. 

The campaign recorded an engagement rate of 5,4% which is almost two times the national average (2-3%). The ER of the reels was approximately (2,7%) and the ER on the Tiktok was (8,9%) which greatly increased the campaign average.

The process

Notre approche

For this campaign, our influencers shared their experience of KPOP and the Hallyu event in Brussels. Prior to the event, the influencers promoted the launch and encouraged the public to attend the event and order (free) tickets. This  generated  a lot of traffic to the website. During the event, participants were able to discover Korean traditions and enjoy traditional music, Korean food stalls, Korean skincare and many more!

One of the main aims of this campaign was not only to promote the e-commerce store on social media to inspire the audience to visit the store but also to share the official HallyuTown website where the followers could find more specific information about the event and the artist line up. 

As  the Hallyu event was completely free included a free meet and greet with various artists, the influencers were able to promote it in an authentic way. For this creative concept; the influencers engaged their communities by teasing them with Korean skincare products to introduce the Brussels event. 
Then, during the event, they shared the various exclusive stands (food, music, tech, skincare, etc.) so that their audience could visit them.


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1000 Brussels


Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 8
59000 Lille