« Welcome to the more equitable world! » states the Fairebel campaign. Influencers had a mission to educate their audience that this brand is based on the equity value and communicate about the fairness of the production towards consumers, farmers, animals and the planet. 

Our solution

Our influencer campaign strategy included:

  • Instagram: Best platform to create awareness
  • IG stories: Best format to engage interaction with the audience
  • IG post: Best format to reach the most people
  • 28 micro influencers: Category of influencers who has the most interacting audience


Let's talk facts

The results

Our influencers (foodies, lifestyle, families and conscious consumers) communicated about the importance of product choices in order to achieve a more intelligent and healthy consumption and to respect our planet, farmers, animals and everyone who is involved in the chain. They showed how Fairebel meets their needs and inner values (« Fairebel makes it easier for me to eat in a more equitable/responsible way », « quality products », « right/fair prices », « bio ice-cream », « no GMOs », etc.). They illustrated the concept by interacting with their audience while using Fairebel products and showing different application ways in their daily cooking routine. 

During the campaign there were moderated 28 posts (with 9 975 likes)  and 134 stories. The overall number of impressions reached over 356 K. 


2 464

Engagement Rate on Reach



220 187
The process

How did we do it?

We worked with several influencers (foodies, lifestyle and workers) who are aware of what they eat. They communicated about their concern for a more intelligent and healthy consumption in order to better respect our planet, farmers and animals. They showed how Fairebel meets their needs and values. Influencers were interacting with their audience by asking questions, showing what one can do with Fairebel’s products, how important it is to choose products and brands wisely. 


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