Domino's Pizza

Imagine if you could order a pizza ANYWHERE! Where would it be? To make its new delivery feature known by everyone, we worked together with Domino’s Pizza and 10 top Belgian macro influencers to illustrate the “order anywhere” concept.

Our solution

Each influencer, with his own sense of humor, created a video where he was ordering a pizza in a crazy situation. To add a spicy touch to this campaign, we created a mini website where all the influencers’ videos were put together and where the public could vote for its favorite video by liking it.


Let's talk facts

The results

With almost 490,000 likes on the website of the contest and an engagement rate of 34%, we can say that the influencers were very creative for the project and engaged a lot with their followers that can now order ANYWHERE!

Engagement rate





The process

How did we do it?

In order to reach a maximum community, the influencers posted their video on their own best performing channel such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and called their audience to vote for them on the website of the contest.
This diversification of platforms allowed us to reach the target audience defined for the campaign on its favorite social media.
With this dynamic mix of influencers, we reached a young and connected audience located in Belgium and who loves pizza, of course!


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