Alline Procap

Alline Procap partnered up with the Pink Ribbon Belgium to create a special limited edition for their hair growth boosting supplements. Influencers were to spread the message about the new Alline Procap pack but also encourage followers to do hair donations for the survivors of breast cancer who lost their hair due to the treatment. Discover this influencer campaign! 


Our solution

Our influencer campaign strategy included:

  • Instagram: Best platform to create awareness

  • IG stories: Best format to engage interaction with the audience

  • IG post: Best format to reach the most people

  • 5 micro, mid-tier and macro-influencers: A mix of categories to cover different audiences

  • Timing: 10/20 – 11/20


Let's talk facts

The results

The influencers created qualitative content aimed at wowing their followers from the aesthetic point of view but also pass a very important message about breast cancer awareness. In parallel, Alline Procap supplements got attention as the best ally for rapid hair growth.

During the campaign there were published 5 posts (+ 1 reel) and 33 stories. A high number of likes (6681) and whopping brand activity on stories (estimated 909 actions) shows that audience loved the content and were highly engaged in the topic. 


135 508

Actions Taken


Reach on Followers

The process

How did we do it?

Instagram is known to be the “happy land” where no problems seem to exist. No speak of diseases is a norm and many influencers prefer to shy away from such discussions. However, it is also the best platform to raise awareness and help those in need in a collective way. Therefore, in order to help Alline Procap & Pink Ribbon to boost visibility for their special partnership but also Alline’s limited edition pack, we decided to take advantage of IG’s own game and pass the message in a joyful and happy pink way. Clad in pink and armed with their most beautiful smiles, the chosen influencers spoke about touchy subjects and how women can help their sisters in need through the donation of their hair. 


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