Based on the concept, we worked together to prove that some good value for price products can perform as well as high-end brands. In this context of Aldi Battles, what would be a great challenge? Champaign, of course! We created a blind tasting event where the Veuve Durand Champaign was compared to well-known names of Champaign brands on the market.

Our solution

With the venue of our influencers and the presence of the high-qualified sommelier’s and journalists, we played a little game: We covered the different bottles of Champagne and analyzed fours aspects of the precious drink: color, odor, taste and bubbly aspect. And guess which Champaign was ranked twice between First and Second place by influencers experts in the field of drinks and gastronomy? The Veuve Durand!


Let's talk facts

The results

Thanks to this original approach mixing an off-line and an online strategy, we were able to reach more than 105k people. Moreover, as we chose to put a focus on authenticity and storytelling concerning the content creation, the engagement rate for the campaign was over 9.9%! That high number means that the influencer’s audience interacted for REAL and showed a REAL interest in the content produced by their favorite content creator.



Engagement rate



The process

How did we do it?

Thanks to the presence of 14 top Belgian influencers at our event, it was possible to reach 14 different community of followers. In order to represent every part of the Belgian population, we opted for a mix of Dutch speaking and French-speaking nano & macro influencers located in different cities of Belgium as of Brussels, Liège, Ghent, etc. This variety of profiles and location represented allowed us to reach an audience between 25 and 50 yo across the whole Belgian population.

With their unique tone of voice and style, our influencers shared the message of Aldi in order to show their followers that we can afford some delicious Champaign for a very good value for price.


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