Aldi Ramadan

For this campaign, the goal is to boost awareness of Aldi during the Ramadan & create Brand Love & Likeability on IG & TikTok.

OBJECTIVE: Boost awareness of Aldi during the Ramadan & create  Brand Love & Likeability on iG & TikTok.

TARGET AUDIENCE: F/M 18-50, Family, Millennials 18-30, Muslims interested in consuming Aldi products during Ramadan. NL/FR 

TIMING:  March- April 2023

FORMATS: IG Reels, IG stories & Tiktok

Our solution

We’ve used Instagram as the main platform for this campaign because users can use both stories and reels. Also Tiktok was used to bring across an important message to their community.

The main criteria for this campaign was that the influencers where young Female or Male adults who are Muslim who celebrate the ramadan with their friend and family and are  interested in consuming Aldi products during Ramadan. 

The Instagram reels and Tiktok was used to inspire their community and empower the special moments that will be shared with their loved ones. 

Influencers used their stories to invite the audience to participate in this journey with aldi and share the process of grocery shopping. While using the interactive features in stories they could ask the audience how they’ve celebrated the ramadan end express their feelings about the holy month.


Let's talk facts

The results

The goal of the campaign (Boost awareness of Aldi during the ramadan & create Brand love & likeability on IG & Tiktok) was achieved by reaching 
111. 033 unique viewers. This shows that the audience was really effective  for this campaign and topic.

The contents proposed by our 5 Ramadan inspired influencers was from a high quality. They were able to apply the creative concept well and have used their creativity to spread the message correctly. The selection of influencers was qualitative and relevant for this campaign, they did 8  extra stories. 

The view rate of stories (15,4%), was 2 times higher than the average (7,2%) which shows that their audience were very interested in the campaign and in the products of Aldi. 

The campaign recorded an engagement rate of 2,9% which is on the the national average (2-3%). The ER of the reels was approximately (2,2%) and the ER on the Tiktok was (3,7%).

The process

How did we do it?

Our influencers have shared a the process of celebrating ramadan and all the different moments that surround this event. They invited their community to celebrate the Ramadan, learn from each other’s cultural traditions and create delicious and innovative dishes that captured the essence of of this special time. 

The main goal was to spread the essence of Ramadan: Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and engage in acts of charity and kindness. Ramadan is not just about abstaining from food and drink but it’s also a time for spiritual growth, self-reflection and community building. 

The influencers shared the preparation of the Ramadan dinner with their followers through several stages such as shopping, cooking and finally sharing a good time with their loved ones. The  aim of the campaign was to show that ALdi offers exclusive Hallal products.

For this creative concept, the influencers encouraged their communities to visit Aldi and share this positive experience. The aim is to increase engagement for Aldi products in the Muslim community.



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