For this campaign, we raise awareness about Lilliputiens, Increase conversion on their website & IG Page & Create engagement

OBJECTIVE: Raise awareness about Lilliputiens and increase conversion on the website and IG of Lilliputiens

TARGET AUDIENCE: 25 yo and +, Young adults, healthy lifestyle, parents, family,…

LOCATION: Belgium - France Based 

TIMING: May - Dec 2022

FORMATS: IG story &  IG post


Our solution

We’ve used Instagram as main platform for this campaign because it allows to interact with the community more easily and by adding IG story function for interactions such as poll, question or survey. The influencer has involves its community which will lead to more traffic to the the website and IG page of Lilliputiens.

The main criteria was that the influencers were parents. Indeed, the influencers had to be parents and obviously show and involve their family in the creation of content.

The influencers used the stories to promote Lilliputiens products but also to encourage the community to use and test Lilliputiens products. 


The Instagram posts were used to propose a creative content to highlight the brand and to engage followers in the comment section.



Let's talk facts

The results

The goal of the campaign (brand awareness) was achieved by reaching an impressive number of 544 316 unique viewers. The influencer audiences loved the content.

The contents proposed by our 14 influencers were very qualitative and beautiful.  They informed their audience about the product and the benefit of Lilliputiens for their families. The selection of influencers was qualitative and relevant  for this campaign.

Influencer content was very authentic and of high quality. The view rate of stories (25,8%) is nearly 3x higher than the global average (7,2%). 

the campaign recorded an engagement rate of 6,05% which is higher than the average (2.52%)


The process

How did we do it?

There were few waves with several activations over the year but here are the two main waves.

Winter wave: During this campaign, influencers had to share their family traditions/rituals/routines for the holidays while integrating them with Lilliputiens toys. Integrating Lilliputiens products into their traditions was the extra touch of magic that guaranteed them unforgettable memories. 
The influencers shared their own traditions with the Lilliputiens product to give some inspirations  to their followers. 

Summer wave:  Take your lilliputiens everywhere you go.

Influencers organized the preparation of the next family adventure with kids (from picnic to full-scale trip).  They involved their children in the process and encouraged them to pack their own stuff in one of the Lilliputiens superhero backpacks. 

Influencers shared their adventurous moments where your kids use a Lilliputiens SUPER HERO backpack. They then captured the best moments of their children's adventure wearing the backpack everywhere. 



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