OBJECTIVE: Create brand awareness on Brita products and inspire through the cup of tea

TARGET AUDIENCE: +18 yo, Eco-Conscious / Eco-friendly 

LOCATION: Belgium & The Netherlands 

TIMING: August 2021


Our solution

We worked with several nano, micro & macro influencers (foodies, lifestyle, moms and conscious influencers) to promote drinking water in a water filter jug encourage people drinking tea with filter water. They communicated about the quality of filter water and the difference of drinking tea with non-filtered and filtered water. They showed how filtered water was good and tasty. They illustrated that concept by interacting with their audience (asking questions, showing the preparations of their tea with the Brita Water Filter Jug, how good it is,…).



Let's talk facts

The results

Our influencers (foodies, lifestyle, families and conscious consumers) communicated about Brita with the concept “BRITIME For everyone”, some influencers showed how to marry a good filtered tea with a good recipe, some others talked about the Brita Water Filter Jug from Brita itself because it’s something important for them and influencers that worked from home promoted the Brita products on how to enjoy a work day with a filtered cup of tea or how they take a break from all the work. In order to inspire their community and to show them the quality of the Brita products and the taste of it. They illustrated that concept by interacting with their audience while using Brita’s and Crusio’s. The objective was to give more awareness and visibility to the products of Brita and Crusio but also to inspire the influencer’s community with very inspiring pictures and idea’s.


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The process

How did we do it?

Thanks to 14 influencers from different niches (foodies, lifestyle, families and responsible consumers), they were able to properly promote Brita's product, the filtered water jug. They communicated about the difference between drinking tea with filtered water and drinking tea without filtration, but also the association with different recipes. This communication was made possible by sharing stories and posts on Instagram, and by interacting with their communities.


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