Instagram opened their new AR filter creation platform

The possibility to have augmented reality filters on your story has been there for some time now. Instagram just took it to the next level! Now you can start creating your own filters!
Instagram already has the possibility to add AR filters to your Stories. The choices you had between the different filters were rather limited. Not everyone had the opportunity to make or customize a filter. Now Instagram opened their Spark AR filter creation platform for all users!

This means that everyone with an Instagram account can now browse a library filled with filters created by and for Instagram users. To discover new effects, users will now find a new “Browse Effects” option at the end of the effects tray in the Instagram Camera, which will take you to the library of audience-originated visual tools.

Creative tools like this are a great way to engage even more with your audience and build a strong visual identity.

Great news for designers

Unlike most 3D programs Spark AR Studio is free to download, which is great news! The program itself is rather complicated to use, so if you don’t have any experience working with 3D programs, it will probably cost you some time to learn. Nevertheless Spark AR Studio is a great program to let your endless creativity come to life.

This is a great opportunity for graphic designers who want to put their name out there. Since you can browse between the different filters you want to use for your story, the name of the creator of that story will also appear. Like this you can easily go to the designers account and check out the rest of his work.

Instagram is taking over the filtergame

In fact, Snapchat was first on introducing AR filters in their service. In 2018 they even also introduced Lens Studio which had similar functions: Allowing you to alter your favorite filters. After the release of their Lens studio the amount of downloads increased significantly.

Now that Instagram released their version of an AR studio which allows you to create and alter AR filters, chances are that people will stick with the Instagram one since it is a much bigger platform with a much broader reach and more possibilities.

Instagram takes a giant leap forward with this. Allowing users to be a part of the creative part of their services. Maybe in the near future Instagram opens up acces even more.


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