Influencer Marketing Trends 2020

Some may think that influencer marketing is outdated, but for a great skeptics’ disappointment, this marketing strategy isn’t going anywhere any time soon. On the contrary – it has extended its features holding great potential in the market. Note these insights next to your new year business resolutions and keep a track on it – being first means slicing the biggest part of the cake.

Video content is king

The shift from picture format to video is obvious if we look at the rapid growth of TikTok platform (which is foreseen to be another booming platform of influencer marketing soon) and its popularity among youngsters.

However, it’s not a game of the generation. It’s a real thing and Instagram is preparing its weapons to not be left behind. Even if there is no thread for the Instagram to step out of the leader position of being the top platform in influencer marketing, we have to highlight the importance of other video-content platforms, such as YouTube or TikTok.

Also, important to mention that the IGTV potential is not being fully exploited and marketeers shouldn’t ignore it anymore. The reason is that people want content that could be quickly consumed and shared with their friends.


Authenticity is another attribute that both brands and influencers need to pay attention. Again, this lesson can be learned from TikTok which is attracting users by its unpolished reality and behind-the-scenes attitude.

People are getting tired of perfection that seems to be far from their daily life and this distance creates a gap that is possibly one of the reasons of your failure trying to apply influencer marketing in your business strategy.

Personalized content and values of the brand reflected on an influencer’s feed, will become more important criteria than the number of followers.

Long-term collaborations – a combo of creative solutions

We tend to notice that there is a false perception of working with influencers. One-time collaboration counting on bigger influencers is preferred over the long-term collaboration including different forms of interaction. We find it more effective to create an action plan for a longer period combining different strategies all along.

The power of Nano influencers continues

Less is more. And that has been one of the important messages of your agency since the beginning. Your company doesn’t need the biggest influencer in the country in order to reach your target audience. Nano influencers are the key! Lower costs and small communities can provide better outcomes than going big and expensive.

Moreover, most of the time these influencers produce less product placement with more creativecontent and higher audience engagement. Creating a bond with smaller communities in a long-term perspective is a GO for 2020.

Working with Influencer Marketing agencies

Social media becomes way too broad to behandled on your own. Regardless the fact that it’s time-consuming, you will never be able to measure performance metrics, to identify trustworthy influencers and to run the background check without a professional team.

Moreover, choosing an agency is cost-effective. For every 1€ spent the average Return of Investment is approximately €2.50. Are you sure you can reach this alone?More than 50% of brands included influencer marketing in their business strategy and there is still a room for the other half.

We are excited to see how social media is evolving and if you think 2019 was the apogee of influencer marketing, we have some news for you – it’s only in the stage of its infancy.


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