How influencers stimulate sustainability

Sustainable lifestyle. It is no longer ‘just a trend’, it has become an essential lifestyle for many of us. In this style of living conscious consumption is also included. In recent years, the focus on conscious and sustainable purchase has risen remarkably and this essential lifestyle has a clear impact on brands too.

As people try to live more consciously, they also share this on social media. Influencers started the trend on Instagram to promote a sustainable lifestyle and local purchasing. For example, they started to use hashtags like #sustainable #sustainableliving #conciousliving #buylocal #eco, etc. For influencers, it is very important that partnerships support their personal goals surrounding conscious consumption. This means that they will no longer just accept any collaborations to earn money. Content creators want to work with real sustainable brands that share the same values as them.

As a result, brands are increasingly aware of sustainable living. Based on these trending hashtags, they get to see what the public wants. This lifestyle change is bringing more and more environmental friendly products to the market. Besides that, new brands have been emerging with the new lifestyle as their core business pilar.

In recent months, besides few others sustainablity-oriented campaigns, Efluenz has launched one for Swapfiets that hosted more than 70 influencers (!). Various type of profiles on social media showed their followers that a bicycle can OFTEN be a solution. So, let your car collect some dust in the garage because, with the #bluetire one can easily do some grocery shopping and stretch legs without leaving any CO2 emissions trace.

Another campaign that was for Fairebel brought a spotlight to the fresh products of local belgian farmers. As the name itself says, fair stands for treating fairly the local participants of the market. Moreover, the brand is transparent and honest with their customers, as well as the environment and even their cows. The reimbursement of the sold products is fairly distributed between all players in the food chain, emphasizing a correct income for the farmer’s hard work! In addition, they have also adapted their packaging with the environment in mind.

Both Dutch-speaking and French-speaking influencers have shown how they integrate Fairebel products in their daily meals. They also demonstrated which dishes they prepare with the fresh, local products.

Last, but not least, the well-known tuna specialist Rio Mare. Genuine authenticity and transparency start with the brand and the giant Rio Mare shows this in various ways. For example, they collaborated with WWF to focus on 100% sustainable fishing.

The younger generation floats away from the mass media and they are seeking inspiration from their favorite influencers on social media platforms. On the other hand, influencers realize the power of their voice. A lot of influencers also know how to use their voice to promote positive change. From a healthier lifestyle to supporting local farmers. These campaigns show that influencer marketing is a powerful strategy to spread a positive message and who knows, maybe find a purpose of your life?


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