Efluenz' lockdown mission accomplished

It’s been a few rough weeks for all of us, especially for the brands and companies that had to stop their activity. Luckily this was not the case for Efluenz. However, we knew that we needed to adjust our way of working to these unusual circumstances and it’s fair to say that we succeeded!
We did three campaigns related to COVID-19 topic and it just proves a fact that influencer marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to reaching out the society.

The City of Antwerp

The first campaign was for the City of Antwerp, they contacted Efluenz to set up a campaign to reach the younger group of the city. They were concerned about youngsters ignoring the confinement rules as the weather was getting better and better… For this mission we called out our influencers from Antwerp because younger people tend to listen to someone their own age rather than to a parent, a minister or a teacher. There were several influencers who shared their own “lockdown experience” and some tips & tricks for indoor activities. We saw music, drawing, cooking classes and some workout videos. Also, the City of Antwerp itself was involved by hosting yearly events via live-stream or encouraging people to participate to the events from their homes, such as a 10 miles run. This campaign resulted in a range from over 100.000 people and even 4.000 of them clicked through to the website of the City of Antwerp.

The Brussels City Campaign #BXLOVE

Another city who called in for help was the city of Brussels. The slogan of the campaign “Show your #BXLOVE” suggests itself that people had to spread some kindness around their neighborhood. This campaign was focused on both our youngest and eldest inhabitants and followed by the goal to support old people in isolation by sending them loving messages and showing that they are not alone. We received a lot of heartwarming pictures of young people writing letters to their grandparents, hoping to see each other again soon and reminding them that they are not being forgotten. With this campaign we reached about 281.000 people with an engagement rate of more than 12%!

Orange #macadamstories

One of the last and most successful campaigns was for Orange Belgium. And oh well, our influencers got so creative! They were asked to write/draw some reassuring chalk messages/images, such as “everything is going to be alright” (“tout ira bien” , “alles komt goed”) on the sidewalks and outside the elders’ houses. The results were stunning! Influencers and their kids were enjoying the process, elderly people were smiling seeing all those messages and the audience was touched by this simple but so powerful action (look for #macadamstories on Instagram for more!). The main idea was to create the feeling of a community and to show that each of us is a part of something bigger than just our own families.
At Efluenz we definitely learned some important lessons from this lockdown. First, that influencer marketing is one of the main channels to reach people when communicating important information (okay, we already knew that and we just wanted to prove our point once again). Second, we learned that Belgian entrepreneurs are a lot more creative than we might think! And lastly, that in times of crisis people really CARE about each other and are ready to reunite for the same goal — to take their life back to normal.


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