Our Services

Creative Concept

Every campaign we create has a concept based on the message you want to spread about your brand. We come up with the idea and make the job easier for you.

Influencer Matching

Working with content creators across different channels can be very tricky. We ensure we will find the perfect fit for your campaign in our database with more than 1.500 influencers.

Contract & Negotiation

Before working with influencers you must know which laws and guidelines apply for them in Belgium. We take care of this hard job and deal with the guidelines that fit your campaign.

Report & Analytics

At the end of every campaign we provide you with an in-depth report with all the analytics and lessons learned for your following campaigns.

How do we know it works?

It’s not only about the reach. We work in-depth to learn all about your brand and find the influencers that fit you the best. Perfect matching leads to an engaged audience, which leads to loyal clients. The average engagement rate on Instagram is 1 to 3.5%, therefore, we guarantee you’ll have at least 5% at the end of your campaign.

Metrics, analytics


Testimonial : “For the launch of our new plus size brands, we were looking for several curvy influencers to work with. Not such an easy search, as our target group is 40+. The Efluenz team managed everything in the right direction and were on top of things. The communication went very smoothly and we would definitely recommend working with this young team.”

Testimonial : “It was very smooth working with Efluenz. They really think along with the customer, are flexible and ensure very clear reporting afterwards. For myself and my team, these were the first cautious steps into the world of influencer marketing, in which Yasmin enthusiastically introduced us. A pleasant introduction!

Testimonial : “Our first collaboration with Efluenz can certainly be considered a success. The project was professionally followed up with good preparation and very clear reporting afterwards. And last but not least, excellent results!Erik cleiren – Digital specialist

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