Are you ready for the Nano & Micro-influencers?

Influencer Marketing is one of the strongest methods to reach a big audience through people who have a good reputation and are seen as trustworthy on social media. You might be familiar with the term influencer, but have you considered different types of influencers that can help you reach more customers in a more relationship-focused type of marketing?

We’re talking about Nano & Micro-influencers – people that could have as little as 200 followers but not more than 10.000. Unlike many would think, the fact that they don’t have such a big number of followers on their social media means that they not only have more loyal and credible fans, but also more engagement to advertisse your product and very excited to do so. Today, they are considered to be the most powerful group of influencers.

Why are Nano & micro-influencers considered to be the most powerful group of influencers?

  • They really believe in what they write, meaning that whenever they post something about a brand, it works like word-of-mouth.
  • They provide engaging and relatable content, and unlike celebrities, nano and micro influencers share the same interests as their followers, creating a relationship of trust and relatability.
  • Although the number of fans is not so big, their followers truly relate to them and follow the same ideals as if they are loyal customers.
  • Nano-influencers serve niche markets – those who lack thought-leaders, meaning that every word they say has great value for their followers. Think classical music, online gaming, etc…
  • They are also attractive for brands because it’s not only easier to reach them, but they are also more affordable than the other groups of influencers.

Although the Nano & Micro-influencers are a great way to spread your word, influencer platforms are still not aware of their power. Efluenz is ready to guide and help you to define your strategy. Join us today!

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