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Efluenz is a digital creative agency that ensures your target audience is reached through creative concepts. We tell your story.
We are Efluenz

Our mission is to create authentic connections

Efluenz is empowered by a dedicated multidisciplinary team with diverse & exceptional educational backgrounds.

Our forward-thinking experts craft purpose driven marketing strategies that enable your company to connect with its customers and grow.

We will ensure your business marketing goals are achieved.
Our exceptional innovative team makes it possible for us to work with businesses in any industry. Collectively, we generate broader ideas & unique visions that will enable your company to express its products & services creatively.

Through our clever storytelling & creative concepts you will create meaningful connections with your customers.

Yasmin Vantuykom

CEO & founder

"Welcome in a new era of marketing in which your brand is defined by those who experience."

Anakaren Castro

Account lead

"Never underestimate the power of being authentic."

Dylan Berrier

Commercial lead

"The future of brand communication lies in human interaction."

Claire Le Provost

Campaign lead

"Opinion leaders are not influencers, they are the ambassadors for your brand!"

Ekaterina Grieger

Account Manager

"Being a real influencer requires creativity, discipline and genuine care for one's audience."

Rugilė Jakučionytė

Account manager

"Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of that box."

Leslie Kadia

Influencer lead

"The creativity of influencers has no limits for your brand."

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Efluenz is always open to welcome passionate young professionals to the team. Send your CV to rugile@efluenz.be and let’s have a chat to discuss the opportunities available!
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