IGTV is an instagram feature launched nearly a year ago and it allows users to share vertical format videos with up to one hour duration. Instagram wants to get you closer and closer to their platform by disrupting the traditional TV and creating a modern experience where the protagonist is YOU!


This feature can be created by anybody who is already an Instagram user, so they can share their IGTV videos with their followers/community. IGTV can be watched on your instagram while you’re scrolling, but it also works as a separate platform in the IGTV app. The IGTV app makes it easier to be always up to date with your following, and whenever there’s a new video online you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

Instagram created an innovative mobile experience with IGTV to evolve the digital experience and it has a lot of advantages over others online video platforms. For example, IGTV doesn’t have any official advertising or promoted product.

Instagram has struck again on the personal touch, because they have set up videos based on your preferences and the people you follow, and as with Instagram Stories, you can also share IGTV videos with your friends via DM.



There are 3 different categories to watch videos at your disposal:

  • For You: Videos that Instagram thinks you will like, made up of people you follow and Instagram’s machine learning.
  • Following is a collection of videos from all the people on Instagram that you’re already following. Which is a good time to mention that if someone follows you on IGTV, they’ll be following your regular Instagram account too!
  • Popular features all of the trending videos on IGTV, most likely ranked by popularity.

Do you want more? There is also a small search feature that allows you to search for videos, but Instagram tends to keep the best videos for you in your social network and without you having to constantly search.

Vertical videos

IGTV is made to post videos in vertical position above all. Instagram’s idea of creating and watching long duration vertical videos provides a better mobile experience, as you don’t need to rotate your phone or just watch a smaller version. 

Of course, it is possible to put horizontal videos, but it is not the best experience.

IGTV has implemented this idea because it makes it easier for people to create videos, and the fact that it doesn’t have to be done with professional cameras turns it into a more relatable way of communicating and showcasing experiences.

As you can see, videos are becoming an increasingly important skill in social media marketing, and now with IGTV, if you don’t know how to edit or make videos, you have to start learning. 


The IGTV Experience

IGTV’s goal is to bring together some snapchat, youtube and tv features in order to attract young influencers to the platform, meaning it’s designed to allow users to follow their favorite influencers or vloggers rather than big celebrities. Using the feature is very simple – do you have an Instagram account? Great! You can create your own IGTV channel, which is where all your IGTV videos will be streamed separately from the original IG app.

It works as if you’re watching tv – when you will open the app, a video will start playing directly without touching anything. You can also comment on IGTV videos as you watch it, just like when you comment a video on Facebook. You don’t want to watch the video anymore? You just have to slide to watch a new one.


IGTV Analytics

Do you want to have insights of your IGTV published videos? IGTV provides in-app insights including views, likes, comments, audience retention, and at which points of the video most people stopped watching.

To get these insights, open your IGTV app and click on one of your published videos. Then, follow these steps:

1. Open your IGTV and go on your published video

2. Click on the”…” icon at the bottom of your screen.

3. Select “View Insights”.

4. Here, you will find all the insights that you need to know.


Now you’re ready to explore IGTV as a pro!