With the rise of digital and social networks, we are faced with a huge flow of information every day. The photos, publications and opinions of Internet users are now omnipresent, and the use of social media has gradually become part of our daily lives, to such an extent that they’re now used by billions of Internet users around the world.

Some have been able to take advantage of this revolution: influencers, companies and even politicians have freed themselves from traditional communication methods to reach their audiences more quickly, and often at lower cost.

Given these facts, how can we stand out and increase our visibility on Social Media? What are the essentials to avoid going unnoticed? One of the main factors for success is planning. Anticipating your publications will allow you to offer more qualitative content to your network, reducing the risk of errors. 

We offer you 5 ways to improve your content planning:

Publish at peak times that are convenient for you

Social media have implemented performance indicators that allow you to measure the impact of each of your publications on your audience, use them! Identify the positions with the most interaction, engagement, impact and then try to correlate them. Artists release their new videos and albums on Fridays, television channels program the best films on Sunday evenings, authors unveil their new books on Wednesdays; simply because it is these days that allow these industries to be the most effective with their target audience. The same goes for your networks! Your audience is necessarily more active in some time slots than in others.

Post at regular intervals

If you have become accustomed to publishing daily on your account, then don’t stop for a week. Your audience is getting used to this and expects it to happen daily. If you don’t always have the time,  have in mind that there are content calendar tools that do it for you! Tools such as Later, Planoly and Buffer allows you to schedule a day, an hour, the photo and its content in question for whenever you want it to go online. All you have to do is wait for the platform to automatically publish for you.

Make a calendar to plan your publications

Each week, take 20 minutes to think about your next publications, which photos you will publish, which description you will accompany it. This will prevent you from dithering in front of your smartphone not knowing what to write with your picture. 

Focus on quality rather than quantity

Publishing daily is not necessary. It is better to offer your audience content once or twice a week and ensure that each publication is consistent with your Instagram feed. For example, you can consult the profiles of Lesleystraveldiary or Thuisbijvierleeuwen. Each of their publications is in agreement with the older ones. Their feed is consistent (colors, shapes…) and very pleasant to look at.

Adopting a content planning strategy will save you time and consistency and make it easier to manage your social networks. Your niche will only be more visible and will allow you to capture your audience more easily, and thus increase your visibility.