In a few years, influencer marketing has become the fundamental tool for spreading information through influential people. This has transformed the way of promoting, among potential consumers, the image and reputation of a fashion, lifestyle, sports, hotel or service product… Google searches for “influencer marketing” have increased by 325% in the last 2 years. The hashtags #ad, #sponsored and #spon have been used more than 13 million times in 2017 on Instagram.

Influencer marketing allows a control of the diffusion of information, and it is mainly oriented towards the refined control of content, as opposed to the technique of buzz, which is uncontrollable.

It is the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition method. 91% of people will give more confidence to an influencer than to a traditional advertisement, says Carine Fernandez, co-founder of Point d’Orgue, an agency specializing in this field in France. It is thanks to them that a brand can truly shine among the 15-35 year olds. Around 50% of marketers report having a budget entirely dedicated to influencer marketing and 67% of them have increased this budget since last year.

The rise of influencer Marketing

Their choices to do with influence marketing is not by pure chance, they have chosen to deal with it because we can see very well that the metrics are there. They clearly believe in the effectiveness of this area of marketing, and this has brought to a boom of new content created over the last year. There are clear signs that this trend will continue in the future.

Over the past two years, influencer marketing is becoming bigger and bigger, over 230 agencies and platforms dedicated to influencers have launched.

Influencer marketing grows so fast thanks to social media users because they spend over 1h30 of their day on social networks. This means that they are likely to be influenced to buy something for at least 1h30 of his entire day.

In general terms the ROI of influencers marketing is on average €7 for €1 invested. A cosmetic brand has recently invested 10,000 euros for a campaign. In 48 hours, 55,000 euros of turn over were generated. Another example: on YouTube, a marketing operation worth 30,000 euros brought in 92,000 euros in one week.

The power of influencers on purchasing is remarkable, 29% of consumers will be interested in a brand after an influencer has mentioned it. They will potentially be more willing to buy the product in question.

Influencer Marketing Agency Brussels

The strategy differs depending on the brands and sector. Not all companies are looking to sell more products. They also may want to establish their brand and make it known, and all sectors are interested in Influencer Marketing. From beauty to fashion, food and banking. It’s all about the message and purpose of the brand. There is no limit. As you can see influencer marketing is definitely rising really fast on an upwards path as a desired method of marketing.